happy haunting!

hey there, how've you been?  everyone getting ready for Halloween?  Mr. Bagubian's been talking about "going to Halloween" for a couple months now.  he's insistent upon being a monkey this year, but he was a monkey when he was 1 so i'm trying to get him to change his mind.  we had him on the cusp of being a firefighter tonight at dinner, but we'll see what happens when we ask him about it again tomorrow.  he'd like Nemy to be a "tiny, tiny witch."

i've got some Halloween treats to share tonight...i don't do too much for this holiday but i did have a bit more fun this year than i normally do.  everything here is in my Etsy shop and it's ALL ON SALE!

first up is one of my goodie/favor bag kits.  there are 10 glassine bags, ten washi tags, 10 mini clothespins, and 10 small tags that say "trick" on one side and "treat" on the other.  it's a really fun idea for a Halloween party, or if you live out in the boonies and only have a handful of trick-or-treaters, like my parents!

here's a treat...

and here's a trick...

next up is a fun little tag set.  i really kinda love this.

5 yards of orange baker's twine, 5 small tags stamped with an ominous black bird, and 5 bitty silver glitter clothespins, all in a tiny round tin.  it's only $3.75! 

a sample package...i love the doily (not included) with the black spatter on it.  i first saw the idea used last Halloween by Michelle Wooderson.  they are so spookily cute that i had to try a few for myself. 

and, of course, a couple different sets of Halloween-inspired washi clothespins...  

black, silver glitter, and neon orange...{i LOVE neon but i find it very difficult to photograph!}

again, it's all on sale...you still have a few days to get these goodies before October 31st!  you'll find sets of orange and black baker's twine, as well as a couple of autumn-inspired items on sale, too.

happy looking!


  1. Oh my gosh that plastic centipede almost kept me from reading your post. LOL We have those things here in Texas and they are just nasty. Big. Creepy. Hard to Kill. I intensely dislike them.

    Love the rest of your Halloween decor however!

    1. Oh, no, Pam! I hope I didn't traumatize you!! I don't think I could handle the real thing, either!


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