yay, it's fall!

hooray, autumn's here!  i think fall might be my most favorite season.  it's funny because i have my east coast reasons and my west coast reasons...my number one east coast reason being the grape harvest season and the delicious smell of ripened grapes in the air.  well, that's what it was like when i was growing up anyhow.  i also very much like the brisk autumn temperatures and the beautiful fall colors there, which we don't exactly get in Southern California.  it's going to be in the high 80's here today, so even though it's officially fall, there's not a brisk autumn temperature in sight!  my west coast reason is that soon the weather here will change and cool off, but the nice thing is that it never gets too cold, and i can appreciate not having to completely bundle up two small kids every single time we walk out the door.

but i also love this time of year because it means the holidays will be here soon.  Mr. Bagubian will turn 3 in October (!!!), which means a trip to Disneyland; then he'll "go to Halloween" which he cannot wait to do.  November is full of birthdays (including mine :), our fall wedding anniversary, and Thanksgiving.  this year my birthday and Thanksgiving will be extra special since my parents will be visiting that week.  and December, of course, brings all of the holly jolly Christmas festivities.  it's all so exciting!

my project today, i think, is very fitting for the first full day of fall, given the warm colors in it.  my cousin asked me to make something for her using this quote and after some thought (okay, a lot of thoughtand a few scrapped ideas, this is what i came up with... 

i used a photo overlay from Crate's Close Knit, and the black and white canvas frame is from Flea Market by Maggie Holmes.  she was going for a vintage look, yet wanted me to stay somewhat simple with it.  i used the bird because they're graceful creatures (and because i like stuff with birds on them--i made sure she does, too!).  the buttons are vintage and belonged to our grandmother.  i have a couple of jars full of her old buttons and most of them are plain.  There are a few that are unique and lovely like this black faceted one and the peach floral one.  i tend to not want to use them on projects because i'd rather not part with them but i knew Erin would appreciate these and it's nice that they'll be on display in her home. 

with the gold, orange, and yellow, this is very fall-ish to me and i'm going to miss looking at it now that it's in the mail, en route to her on the east coast.  but there's a whole lotta stuff happening this week, and most of it's of the Christmas variety, not autumn.  i'm getting ready for a craft show this Saturday and i've been making Christmas goodies for it like mad!  don't worry, i'll be sure to show you all of them in the coming days and weeks.  happy fall!


  1. I can't thank you enough for this heartfelt and beautiful piece of artwork! I continue to be amazed by your talent.


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