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we got a new car a few weeks ago and ever since, my husband has been itching to go for long drives every weekend.  i don't mind, as i like to ride, and Mr. Bagubian's pretty good in the car, too. so a couple of saturday's ago we set out on a mini road trip.  we ended up in Solvang, which is the Danish capital of the US and it's incredibly different scenery than what we're used to in Orange County.

i love that clock tower!  it's actually an antique shop--that we have yet to go in, although i'd really like to.  i actually took this photo back in november, 2011, when Hoss and i went away for an overnight anniversary trip.

don't you love these colors??? this is my favorite photo from that weekend.  it was fall and the orange leaves on that tree paired with the teal trim were so eye-catching.  as soon as we saw them i knew i had to take dozens of photos...and i did!

i love places that have town squares, don't you?  they're so inviting and welcoming.  Solvang has such a darling town square that the Goob had fun running around. the above picture was taken there (back in november).  it was nearing dusk which is a wonderful time to take photos as the light from the setting sun does beautiful things to the subjects in photographs.

this monument of Hans Christian Andersen is in the same park.  he of course is the Danish fairytale author.  Solvang has a museum that is dedicated to him and i'd love to take Mr. Bagubian there when he's a little older.

aren't these two cute?! I love this shot of Hoss and Mr. Bagubian walking in rhyme with each other.  (kinda wish that lady in the black dress wasn't in there, too, but oh, well.)  Solvang is so quaint and easy to walk around.  being that i'm an east coast transplant, i love anything that looks different from where we live right now.  (i promise i'm not knocking Orange County--but sometimes you just need a change.)

that's my little Gooby and me!  he was being so friendly to everyone we passed by on our stroll around town.  the best part was when he accosted a young couple eating ice cream on a bench.  apparently, he thought they should share their yummy treat with him.  needless to say, we had to get ice cream after that.

it was a fun little overnight with my sweet little family.  sometimes it's just nice to take a break and get away for a minute.  do you have any fun plans for this weekend?  don't forget--Mother's Day is this sunday...time to celebrate our wonderful moms. (Kathy--i'm talking to YOU!  i love you and appreciate everything you do for me.  i wish i was 3000 miles closer to you...)  have a great weekend, folks!


  1. I so love to go to Solvang, especially to eat the amazing desserts!!!

    1. I don't think you can go there without trying at least one!


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