hello, world.  my name is rebecca and this is my first official entry as the author of thurstonpost.  this blog will feature many of my interests and a peek at my life.  i am a graphic design student so that may (or may not) be featured prominently here.  i've recently taken an interest in photography and what's a good blog without some photos, right?  
{i like this sort of thing}

 i love creative writing, which is kind of a no-brainer if you have taken on the task of starting a blog.  i should think you'd kind of like to write a little bit in that case.  i really like playing with paper whether it be wrapping up little gifts in a pleasant way or making a greeting card or 4.  i also like pictures of "collections" (like old typewriters, scissors or washi tapes--like, lots of them) and pretty bits arranged neatly.   
{a family portrait}

i also have a nice husband i call Hoss and a sweet little guy we affectionately refer to as Mr. Bagubian so I will probably mention them a few times throughout the course of this ride. thank you for looking; i hope you like what you see.


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